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Denon DJ - Prime Go 

For this project, Denon DJ asked us to make a lifestyle video to promote their new portable DJ set up, the  "PRIME GO". In this video you'll see multiple scenarios where and how you can use the device. 

PRIME GO - No-Compromise, ‘Play Anywhere’ DJ Performance Experience the power of the PRIME SERIES in an ultra-portable, standalone 2-channel DJ controller. Throw PRIME GO in your backpack, prep your DJ sets on the road, then rock up to any gig or event with a no-compromise DJ work ow and feature set.

Powered by the lightning-fast ENGINE OS platform, PRIME GO shares the same ultimate touchscreen interface experience as its bigger PRIME 4 brother, but adds a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to provide extreme portability. Take advantage of PRIME GO’s built-in WiFi capability too and stream music standalone, with no laptop needed, giving you access to TIDAL’s 60+ million songs to add to your playlist prowess! DENON DJ - EMBRACE THE FUTURE

Introducing Denon DJ PRIME GO: 2-Deck Rechargeable DJ Controller
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